Natalos est une femme de 35 ans

Elle vit à Creuzier-le-Vieux, AUVERGNE, France

Aspect physique et allure

my name is olga. i live in small city kirov. i work in children's hospital, the doctor. my hobby - sports, tourism, reading. i very much love flowers, my favourite flowers are red roses, they flowers of love. certainly i have also other hobbies, but not all from them i can carry out. i the romantic person. i very much love walks on the nature, when in the sky a greater moon. i very much love children. it is very interesting to observe as they grow. and every day do new opening. i very much would like to find the man which will love me, dear and with which i could test even some adventures. i have not found such person in the city. to me now 26 years, and i could not find such person. here now i have decided to find the love in the internet, there can be at me it it will turn out. je connais normalement encore et la langue francaise.

Loisirs et centres d'intérêts

i would like to find the person which would love me and respected. validly concerns to people and has sense of humour. i very much would like, that in my life i would appear the man with which could to create happy family. the man, to which i could trust most secret. the man for the sake of which be necessary to live. the future is represented to me as that that very good and kind. i do not know as still it is possible to describe which person i would like to find, ideal people do not happen. when i meet such person i at once i shall understand it.

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